Internship Procedures


Thank you for your interest in Belchertown Public Schools! We welcome students, developing educators, and those interested in the field of education to come work with our professional educators to complete your practicum, internships, or observation hours. Prior to completing any school requirements the following must be completed:

Applicants seeking placement for an observation, pre-practicum or practicum must complete and submit the Practicum Request, Statement of Non-Disclosure, Emergency Contact Information and the Vehicle Registration Information Forms. (See links below.) Completed forms are to be returned to the Superintendent’s Office for processing or may be e-mailed to

A letter on department head or your school’s letterhead clearly stating the purpose of the internship, practicum, or observation indicating the number of hours needed to be completed and any specific school requirements must also be included. Please be sure to list the grade level(s) and subject matter(s) you would like to complete your hours in. Also know that while we try our best to place all students it is not always possible.

Applicant must personally come into the district’s central office (14 Maple St., Belchertown, MA) and complete a CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) form, and must present a government issued photo I.D. If a full student practicum is being requested (or pre-practicum/observation is over 30 hours), applicant must also complete a fingerprint-based criminal history background check. Information can be found on the Practicum Application (See the IdentoGO Massachusetts link and instructions in the Practicum Request form below) regarding this process. Currently, the fee for this is $35.

Once all of the necessary documents listed above are received by the Superintendent’s Office we will begin the process of placing you with a cooperating teacher. After review, the applicant will be instructed to contact a Principal or Director for an interview. The Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning will have final approval of all placements and our office will notify the applicant of the Principal’s decision.

Please keep in mind that we are a small school district and are not always able to place students with a supervising educator. Also we cannot guarantee the number of hours you are required to complete. We ask that you please plan accordingly.